• Sai Kiran

Spicy Mirchibaji

Mirchi bajji is a popular street food mostly found in the streets of south india.It is an all time favorite evening snack and can be served with onions and lemons.

Ingredients :

1.Oil 2tbsp.

2.long Green chillies.

3.Gram flour(senaga).

4.Garlic paste.

5.Chilli powder.


7.Baking soda.

Directions :

1.Take a bowl and add gram flour.

2.Add chilli powder, salt and baking soda.

3.Then add garlic paste and mix with water until gets smooth paste.

4.Now take long green chillies and cut them at the middle side of chillies.

5.In the flour paste add the chillies and mix them.

6.Gently add the mixed chillies in a heated oil and Fry them until gets brown and serve in a bowl.

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