• Sai Kiran

Veg Sandwich Pizza

A simple grilled cheesy sandwich recipe prepared with easily available vegetables in every household.

Ingredients :

1.Two bread slices.


3.Mint-coriander paste.

4.Onions, capsicum or chillies.

5.Tomato and Salt.

6.Sandwich or homemade masala.

7.Tomato Ketchup.

Directions :

1.Take 2 bread slices and apply butter generously all over.

2.Now apply mint-coriander paste on the 2 bread slices.

3.Keep round onions and capsicums or chillies and salt on the top of one bread.

4.Sprinkle some sandwich masala or home made masala.

5.Add tomato pieces and place a cheese slice on top of it and keep another bread slice.

6.Heat your grill pan on medium heat.

7.Apply butter generously on top of both the sandwiches.

8.Then grill the sandwich for 3 minutes.

9.Serve hot with tomato ketchup.

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